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Our Story

The history of Right Mfg. Systems Inc. is an interesting one. The owners, Brian and Laura Pittard started out by being involved in a family manufacturing business. During this time, Brian was attending the University of Utah to obtain his Mechanical Engineering degree. As a senior, he funded a design project with a team of other engineers in his class. Their project was to design a new drive system for a mobile cement mixer that could be towed behind a pick-up truck. The mixer concept had a drive system that would turn the mixer automatically without a motor as it was being towed down the road. The mixer also had a drive system that was so efficient that it would turn 10,000 lbs. of concrete with an 8 hp gasoline motor at an idle.

In 1997, after Brian completed the overall design of the mixer, he began producing mixers and using them as rentals for selling short loads of concrete. While he was producing these cement mixers, an individual approached Brian about manufacturing a rock tumbler with the same drive system, but with a completely different design concept. After producing the first tumbler, the first client’s friend asked that we build a tumbler for him as well. Then, a third customer requested another two tumblers. At this point, they realized that there was a market for rock tumblers, so they focused their attention on building the tumblers.

Once they started marketing these new rock tumblers, they received more work than they could handle with the small crew they had. So, Brian made the decision to turn down an offer to work at a large company and instead began his own manufacturing business.

The company incorporated in 1999, and became known as Mix Right Inc. It continued to grow and revenues were increasing largely each year. In 2004, they reached maximum growth in their current location, so they decided to begin a building project for a new shop. In August of 2004, they moved into their new 10,000 sq. ft. facility and were able to purchase more equipment as well as increase their labor force. This allowed them to also increase the product line to include a larger capacity rock tumbler, a vibratory tumbler for thinner material, and a finish product conveyor for better productivity. Around this time the name of the company changed from “Mix Right Inc.” to “Right Mfg. Systems Inc.” to account for all the new types of mixing systems and tumbling equipment they were producing.