4DH Rotary Rock Tumbler

4DH Description

The Tumble Right 4DH rotary rock tumbler has 14,000 lbs of capacity and can be ready to tumble within 10 minutes of pulling onto even the most remote jobsite. The 4DH requires only one person to both operate the controls and load with either a loader or forklift.

What type of material can be tumbled?
The 4DH rotary tumbler is designed to tumble both stone and concrete products. Below are some examples of products that tumble well in the 4DH.
• 10'3" tall (approximately)
• 8'4" at widest point
• 20'-23' long depending on options
• 13,000-17,000 lbs
• 15' drum length
• 5' drum diameter

The drum is built with quality and longevity in mind. The standard 3/8" drum is designed to take years of abuse. The most popular upgrade is the 3/4" drum, which ensures drum wear will not be an issue for the life of the machine.

Drum Stabilizing System
The drum stabilizing system comes standard on every machine and is built with your safety in mind. The system ensures the drum is secure when it is in the operating, elevated position.

Trailer Construction

The tumbler is mounted on a rugged and versatile trailer. Heavy duty axles allow for transportation to the quarry or the yard. The double axle trailer comes with a brake system. The tumbler can be pulled with a standard sized pick-up truck rated for the weight of the machine.

Rotation System
The rotation system is a chain and sprocket system, driven with a hydraulic motor. The rotation speed is variable. The drive system is adjustable, durable, and reliable.

Choose the motor that will work best within your operation.

  • Gasoline
    The standard gasoline motor is a Robins Subaru. This electric start motor is durable and reliable, and will serve you well day after day.
  • Diesel
    The diesel motor is from Yanmar or Isuzu. This motor gets better fuel economy than the gasoline motor, and is convenient in most yards and quarries where diesel fuel is usually more readily accessible.
  • Electric
    The electric motor is the most reliable and efficient motor system. The tumbling system requires a minimum of 220 single phase power. Because power requirements vary by customer, the electrical panel is built to your power requirements.
  • Combination
    A combination electric and gasoline or diesel motor system allows for more versatility, and ensures the use of the most efficient power source available.

Project Details




Concrete Landscaping Blocks

Wall Block, Pavers

2-5 minutes



2-5 minutes



15-40 minutes



20-60 minutes



40-60 minutes



70-90 minutes

4DH Equipment Chart
= Standard Equipment
= Optional Equipment
Model S CG CF
3/8" Drum
3/4" Solid Drum
Triple Axle Trailer w/ Brakes
Twin Hydraulic Dump Rams
Drum Stabilizing System
Production Timer
Safety Enclosures
Waste Grate N/A N/A
Waste Management Conveyor N/A N/A
25 hp Gasoline Motor N/A
25 hp Diesel Motor
15 hp Electric Motor
Hydraulic Door/Loading Chute N/A
Hydraulic Door/Pallet Loading Only N/A
Water Door
Finished Product Conveyor 30' N/A N/A
Pallet Jack

Additional Pictures

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