5VE Description

The Tumble Right 5VE vibratory tumbler tumbles any size of thin tiles or pavers including stone, clay, veneer, porcelain, and concrete products. The 5VE tumbler creates a beautiful aged look with minimal breakage.

The 5VE can tumble 100-135 square feet per hour, depending on the shape and hardness of the material being tumbled, as well as the type of media used. The suggested media is 1 ½” gravel. This media is relatively easy to find and very inexpensive. Ceramic media may also be used.

Multiple machines may be organized for continuous flow of tumbled material from the system. Tumblers are synchronized to ensure they run at the same time but at different stages of the tumbling process. These stages would include loading, tumbling, unloading, washing, and palletizing.

The 5VE produces approximately 4,400 square feet per week at full production. Only one employee is required for operation.

A 2 machine system produces approximately 8,950 square feet per week at full production. Again, only one employee is requied for operation.

A 3 machine system produces 14,800 square feet per week, and requires 2 employees for operation.

Standard Equipment
    • 8 ft. long drum
    • Variable speed electric motor
    • Replaceable steel liner
    • Adjustable vibration system
    • Water replenishment and filtration hook-ups

Additional Pictures

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