Right Mfg. Systems will warranty all parts manufactured by Right Mfg. Systems for one year. All parts that are purchased by Right Mfg. Systems and added during assembly are responsibility of the parts manufacturing company, these parts can be obtained through Right Mfg. Systems.
Whether it is cement or stone the tumbler will effectively tumble anything from 2"x2"x2" to 21"x 18"x 8". It can do dimensional stone or flagstone. Capacity varies with the size and dimensions of the product being tumbled.
For most tumbling applications no additional aggregate is needed during the tumbling process. When tumbling thinner more brittle material, or if the product is lower quality, aggregate can be used to keep recovery rates high. The aggregate acts as both a cushion and a cutting agent.
Recovery rate varies between 90-100% with most types and sizes of material. Our recovery rate is very high because the rotary tumbler uses material against material to create the tumbled effect. It doesn't pick up the material and drop it onto the drum. This increases the recovery rate.
We have three major financing companies that we have established good relationships with. They are very good to work with. Contact us for applications and additional information.