F3 & F4 Conveyor Description

Of all the stages of the tumbling process, the stacking or palletizing stage is the most time consuming and labor intensive. We designed the finished product conveyor to increase production by expediting the palletizing of the tumbled material.

Our finished product conveyor is new technology at work. This belted chain conveyor is durable and requires minimal adjustment. Its heavy duty construction allows for the transfer of heavy or bulky material across the full length of the conveyor.

The finished product conveyor has two functions:
• Moves tumbled product away from machine for stacking
• Separates the waste material from the finished product

The finished product conveyor moves the tumbled product away from the tumbler; workers can then stack this material directly from the conveyor. The conveyor is height adjustable. Pallet Jacks make bending and stooping a thing of the past. This conveyor will increase production and also reduce fatigue and injury due to bending and lifting.The conveyor can also convey up an incline and dump into a bag or pallet. The finished product conveyor is also designed to help manage the waste material created during the tumbling process. The belted, flexible steel bars are spaced to allow the waste material to fall through the main conveyor. The waste then falls directly onto a waste conveyor. This conveyor then discharges into a container for easy disposal.

What sizes are available?

The conveyor is available in either the F3, 30', or F4, 40' lengths. The finished product conveyor is easily adapted to an existing Tumble Right machine. It can also be adapted to other machinery that is already used in your operation, such as splitters, saws, and stacking equipment. The conveyor can be a permanent addition to your tumbling system, or have its own power unit enabling it to be used in many different applications.

Conveyor transports easily with your 3DH or 4DH Tumble Right rotary tumbler.

Additional Pictures

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